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Can-Am Spyder in  Durham, NC

Thrill & Freedom at your Fingertips.

Choose a Can-Am Spyder to Experience the Open Road like Never Before.

Can-Am 3 Wheel Motorcycles / Spyders provide a new, exciting way to experience your drive. With its unique 3-wheel design, the Can-Am Spyders are the simple choice for anyone who has an appetite for twists, turns and wide open highways. Spyder models feature 2 front wheels and 1 back for more stability than a motorcycle, large front cargo capacity, and easy-to-learn operation.

Sport Durst Powersports carries a complete inventory of premium Can-Am 3 Wheel Motorcycles. Feel free to browse some of our hottest models below, or stop to ride off with yours today!

Check Out Our Exciting Can-Am 3 Wheel Motorcycles:

Can-Am Cruiser Touring Spyders in  Durham, NC

Cruiser Touring Spyders

Search no further for precision and control in a high-powered unit. Calibrated for performance with a low center of gravity, this vehicle brings you unprecedented control and makes a stylish statement.

Can-Am Sport Cruising Spyders in  Durham, NC

Sport Cruising Spyders


Your adventures don’t have to end when you’re comfortable in your ride. Added features like premium seating, wind protection and a powerful stereo, this beauty will keep you rolling for the long haul.


Can-Am Touring Spyders in  Durham, NC

Touring Spyders

Take on the open road with unmatched comfort for two riders. You’ll travel in style and turn heads with the smoothest ride imaginable on luxury seats and an increased fuel range to keep the party going.


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