KTM Dirt Bikes

KTM Dirt Bike in Durham, NC

Live Life in the Fast Lane with KTM.

Get ready to race this weekend.

With KTM, the adventure starts where the road ends. With relentless power and precise handling, KTM Dirt Bikes give you absolute control to exhilarate into any new adventure or race. A top choice by professional racers and enthusiasts alike, KTM is your #1 choice in Dirt Bikes this season.

Sport Durst Powersports provides a complete selection of KTM Dirt Bikes. Feel free to browse some of our hottest KTM Dirt Bikes below, or stop in to discover the right one for you!

Check Out Our Popular KTM Dirt Bike Models:

KTM Enduro Dirt Bikes  in Durham, NC

Are trails your game? If so, choose an Enduro. These models dominate in all terrains, including fields, sand, and mountains, for an unparalleled adventure.

KTM Freeride Dirt Bikes in Durham, NC

Freeride dirt bikes are ready for your wildest ride. If you're looking for a bike that can handle sharp turns and adrenaline-pumping tricks, a Freeride is for you.

KTM MX Dirt Bikes in Durham, NC

Go for gold with the KTM MX. This model offers more rigorous suspension than trail bikes as well as explosive power to get across the finish line faster than ever.

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